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Experience Flora / Upcoming market stall!

Updated: Oct 1

Hello and welcome back!

Two exciting events are happening, A new collection of art as well as a market

stall on the 15th of October at the Golden Grove Recreational Centre.


Spring Gift Market - 15th October

Once again I have been so kindly invited by the city of Tea Tree Gully to join the

'Spring gift market'.

" With 50 plus stalls, this indoor market is a great chance to pick up a unique gift for someone special or yourself. "

- City of Tea Tree Gully

Please stop by and check out all the unique and exciting products that everyone has spent hours preparing and working on. I will have an array of my prints, postcards, and cards on display.

The doors will be opening at 10 am and goes till 2 pm.

location - The Golden Grove Recreation Centre.


Experience Flora - 10th October

On the 10th of October, I will be releasing Three new works of art along with 'Clementine's'

to complete the Flora collection.

For the last two months I have been admiring the elegance of flowers, and how they capture such raw beauty. I wanted to express the essence of flora within my pieces, without overwhelming the page, as I didn't want to destroy the imperfections that naturally occur. Throughout this collection I found myself appreciating the different shapes and textures that surround us, and how it forms such artistry.

I truly admire nature and how it embodies such grace and purity amongst the harshness and bitterness of this world. Likewise, I hope my artwork brings a sense of enjoyment to people who receive or purchase my prints. Just as flora has given me the feeling of comfort throughout my life.

- Clementine's

Thank you,

Clementine Design's

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